Who and why buys gold more expensive than others.

Who and why buys gold more expensive than others.

Before answering the question of who buys gold more expensive than others, you should understand what kind of gold is meant .

As we know, most often gold is sold and bought in the form of bars, gold and bullion coins , as well as in the form of jewelry or ornaments.

It is more profitable and wiser to sell gold in bars and coins to the banks by which they were made. In view of the fact that banks indicate their symbols (or symbols of the organization that produced the ingot) on products made of precious metals, such products are also accepted only in these organizations or pawnshops (at the price of scrap).

Regarding gold or silver coins of historical value, here, in my opinion, everything is very simple and clear: collectible items should be sold to collectors . Banks, jewelers and pawnshops are very unlikely to appreciate them.

However, with regard to jewelry , in this case, finding those who buy gold more expensive is very problematic. But we still tried to do it and created our own, small list of places where they do it with the maximum benefit for the seller.

Who buys gold jewelry more expensive than others

The market of gold buyers (with the exception of banks) consists of three key types of players : pawnshops, buying, jewelry networks.

To a greater extent, both pawnshops and simple buyers are intermediaries between the seller (the population) and the jeweler (an organization engaged in the manufacture of their own jewelry).

Such organizations buy precious metals as scrap for subsequent remelting and offer the jewelry seller the lowest cost per product. Their benefit lies in the difference between the price at which they bought gold from you and at which they sold it to jewelry workshops. Accordingly, the less they pay for the decoration, the more they can earn on it.

More loyal to the buyer are buyers who work directly for a jewelry store, or a network that not only melts down, but also resells used jewelry. However, they also have their own percentage of each transaction, since they are intermediaries.

The most expensive gold jewelry is bought by companies and firms that themselves are engaged in the resale or remelting of jewelry. They have qualified experts and appraisers on their staff, as well as organized production to restore the external condition of jewelry.

In such companies, jewelry is not evaluated in terms of precious metal scrap, but as a piece of jewelry . Precious stones available in the product are also subject to evaluation, in contrast to pawnshops and other buyers, where inlay is not paid and ideas are rubbish.

The higher price of gold from such organizations is due to the lack of intermediaries and the need to purchase high-quality goods that meet the requirements of the company.

You can also get a good price for gold if you hand over the jewelry for sale to the so-called commission jewelry stores .

How to sell gold the right way

Step 1 : Compare offers and prices from several buyers;
Step 2: Eliminate buyers who are not interested in the weight of the product and the presence of precious stones;
Step 3 : Make sure the scale is set correctly and don’t lose sight of your jewelry.



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