The most popular gold fakes.

The most popular gold fakes.

Copper debris inside the product.

You may have already met women’s gold «beads» or similar products, the design of which uses spherical elements made of precious metals (an example is in the photo below).

In most cases, such products are completely made of gold, but fakes are often found among them.

A feature of fakes like a series of copies is that a copper thread with gilding is laid inside the golden balls. With a total mass of jewelry of 15.7 grams, the copper base of «garbage» can be up to 9.5 grams.

The image above shows a cut of a similar fake. It is extremely difficult to identify such a gold fake. To identify «garbage» in a particular type of product, you need to completely take away the rounded element, since only non-gold details are hidden in it.

Without a global cut, it is impossible to identify a fake.

Pouring and rolling of metal

No less popular types of fakes are rings, pendants and gold earrings with soldered metal plates.

The design of such a fake is as old as the world. The metal is taken as the basis, similar in its density to gold or having similar characteristics with it. After that, a real noble alloy is welded onto the metal and a fake sample is installed.

The image above shows a product with a similar fake design. After parsing (cutting) the ring, a thick silver pin was found inside the product. The sample on the jewelry is imported, fake.

Rolling base metal into gold is a very common practice.

If you want to learn more about this, follow the link: Three ways to cheat on gold.

It should be emphasized that the metal is poured not only into rings or earrings, but also into various kinds of gold chains or bracelets.

In order not to buy such a fake, first of all, you should pay attention to its weight (a large weight is a sign of the introduction of third-party metals) and, if possible, conduct a water test.

Installation of samples on products with gilding.

Probably one of the most popular methods of cheating and forging gold jewelry.

It consists in the fact that on a cheap piece of jewelry with high-quality gilding (chains, earrings, brooches, pendants and bracelets), an element of real gold with a factory hallmark is fixed.

On chains and bracelets, this is most often a lock or clasp.

On piece jewelry (cross, pendant or earrings), this is most often a gold eye or a ring for attaching to a chain.

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