The most expensive ring on AliExpress for 149,000.0 rubles.

The most expensive ring on AliExpress for 149,000.0 rubles.

We often buy goods on foreign websites, especially those that offer us more affordable and favorable prices. Many of us even manage to earn money on it, or at least save quite good money. However, when purchasing a product at a price below the market , we risk being deceived by the seller and receiving a product whose quality does not correspond to reality. This applies in particular to jewelry or items made of precious metals.

It is not uncommon for us to be deceived , slipping some cheap fake instead of the original product , handing over products after repair or restoration, or even indicating characteristics that do not correspond to reality. Often they slip us cheap jewelry under the guise of gold or give us an ordinary ring under the guise of a branded one.

In order not to fall for such a scam , we decided to give an example of what points you should pay attention to when ordering jewelry from AliExpress. We found the most expensive ring on AliExpress for 149,074.90 rubles (of those that we managed to find) and tried to demonstrate by its example what description a product that can be considered for purchase should have.

The image above shows data from the site page with the product in question. The price of the product is really impressive. We are used to seeing more loyal price tags on this resource and the amount given in the price list is a bit overwhelming, isn’t it?

Some may assume that the high price of the product is a guarantee of its originality. However, in most cases, this is not at all the case, and impudent sellers can set up amounts with three or more zeros for an ordinary trinket.

As for the specific case, let’s take a closer look at the description of the product in order to understand what it is made of and where such a price comes from.


The first thing that catches your eye is the item «Setting: Solid 14K White Gold » (It is highlighted in red in the image above). The item in the description «Metal Stamp: G 14K » is duplicate and once again confirms that the metal meets the category » G 14K».

Solid 14K White Gold is a designation used in international trade to indicate the quality of a product (carat system). In this case, it says that 24 units of the alloy contain 14 units of gold, that is, 58.3% of gold in the total mass of the alloy. In terms of our usual «tests», it is equivalent to 583 samples of gold.

Read more about the carat measurement system here


And here we see the first DECEPTION!

The product header indicates that the sample of the product is 585th, not 583rd. The difference between the samples is not significant and the price of gold of these grades as scrap does not differ. However, the seller knowingly indicated false data to attract the buyer. Such deception cannot be considered too significant, but it may well turn out to be a powerful excuse for returning money for a purchase or opening a dispute.

Further, everything is more difficult and scary!

Go ahead. And the next thing we see from the designations incomprehensible to a simple user is: Guarantee 1: Completely As Brilliant As Mined Diamond (underlined in green in the image). Translated into an understandable language, it will sound like: Absolutely brilliant, like a mined diamond.

That is, the stone used in the product is not a diamond , but it shines no worse than it. If this is not a diamond, then what is it and why the most expensive ring on AliExpress costs so much money. The answer to the question lies in the description: Diamond Scientific Name: Moissanite

The biggest deception of this ad lies precisely in this category of description, since Moissanite is an artificial, I emphasize ARTIFICIAL stone! Therefore, its value cannot be similar to a diamond, regardless of the fact that these stones have sufficiently similar characteristics.
More detailed information on the characteristics of Moissanitehere

In addition to the above «fakes», the seller also forgot to mention the weight of the product, which further arouses suspicion for this product.


What do we have by purchasing the most expensive ring on AliExpress for 149,074.90 rubles?

1. metal with inappropriate breakdown

2. fake diamond

3. unknown product weight

4. 149,000 rubles thrown into the wind.

Such a product in any pawnshop in our country will be valued at no more than 10,000 rubles at the price of the scrap it consists of. Moissanite and no one will dare to buy at all.

It is up to you to decide whether it is worth buying this product, but we would not recommend purchasing a similar product, and even at such prices.

Before you buy a gold jewelry on AliExpress, carefully read its description, perhaps this is not at all the product that you would like to purchase. Perhaps this is not even the product for which the seller claims to be.


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