The Jeweler’s Secret to Checking the Authenticity of Diamonds.

The Jeweler’s Secret to Checking the Authenticity of Diamonds.

Probably, no one will argue with the fact that the price of real diamonds is very, very overpriced. The cost of one such product in a good cut can reach several thousand, and sometimes millions of dollars.

The most expensive diamond in history was valued at $350,000,000, while its weight was only 9.1 grams, which is not much when compared with precious metals or other fossils.

The high price of diamonds becomes a good motive for scammers who want to make easy money. It is not uncommon for situations when, under the guise of an expensive diamond, a cheap cubic zirconia was sold to a buyer.

The method by which a diamond can be reliably identified was heard by me during a conversation between two jewelers, one of whom told his friend the secret of detecting a fake.

Jeweler’s Secret.

I know it’s not good to eavesdrop. However, when it comes to useful advice, probably in many situations, it may not be superfluous at all. From the conversation of jewelers, I heard () a very interesting way to quickly and practically at home check a diamond for authenticity.

Method number 1

Water test. You can test a diamond with water. To do this, just put a small drop of H2O on its surface (using a needle or other thin object) and look at the reaction. On a real diamond, water will not spread.

Method number 2

inclusions and defects. The hallmark of real diamonds is their imperfection. If you look closely at the base of the diamond, then in this product you can see at least small, but still defects or inclusions.

Method number 3

Clear edges. It is no secret that diamonds have one of the highest hardness of all gemstones. Their strength allows you to create the most even and clear edges during processing. The line separating the top and bottom of the diamond (crown and pavilion) for real stones should be as even and accurate as possible.

Remember! Only a professional gemologist can reliably determine the authenticity of a diamond, and you should do it yourself only in extreme, exceptional cases.


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