The content of non-ferrous metals in network cables.

The content of non-ferrous metals in network cables.

Today I decided to conduct a little experiment and find out for myself how much pure copper is in one meter of a network cable.

The most common type of cables for the Internet was taken as the basis «KSSPV 2x2x0.52» .

This wire with four copper cores is one of the most practical solutions for organizing communication systems in the range up to 100 MHz .

Most often, this type of copper wire is found in the version with two pairs of insulated conductors. However, there are also varieties with four pairs, which are characterized by lower rates of return loss.

It should immediately be emphasized that the mass of non-ferrous metal (copper) in one meter of wire for the Internet will be higher if exactly 4 pairs (8 copper cores) of copper conductors are used in the cable .

How to distinguish a cable with two twisted pairs from 4x.

cable 4×2 cable 4×2

Any copper cable for transmitting electrical signals has information with brief characteristics on its PVC sheath. In my case, it was «KSSPV 2x2x0.52».

KSSPV is a C tie C symmetrical cable with P polyethylene insulation and poly B inyl chloride sheath.

2×2 — the number of pairs and copper cores in one cable . In my case, this means that there are two twisted pairs in the wire, each of which consists of two twisted copper strands.

How much copper is in 1m of cable «KSSPV 2x2x0.52»

In my experiment, a cable of the KSPV 2x2x0.52 brand was used. The main goal was to identify the most accurate (as far as possible at home) the amount of copper per 1m of cable.

In order to avoid losses in copper, the braid was removed from the wire by hand, using a clerical knife and straight arms.

If copper is cleaned by means of firing, there is a possibility of large losses, which may affect the reliability of the result.

As a result of the experiment, the following indicators were determined

Total cable weight (braided) 1m long: 17.8 grams
Weight of two twisted pairs without PVC sheath: 9.0 grams
Weight of pure copper , without insulation: 7.3 grams

Thus, 1 m of the network cable «KSSPV 2x2x0.52» contains 7.3 grams of copper . Accordingly, in 1 km of such a conductor, when cleaning the wire “manually”, 7.3 kg of pure copper.

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