Radio components containing precious metals.

Radio components containing precious metals.

Today we will again touch on the topic of the content of precious metals in details from old radio technology and try to make the most complete list of receiving capacitors containing gold, palladium or platinum.

As I said earlier, some components from old equipment can cost up to 120,000 rubles per kilogram . Most of them were widely used in Soviet televisions, radios and audio equipment.

Finding parts containing precious metals is now much more difficult than it used to be, but if you know where and what to look for, then you can make quite good money on components with precious metals.

Below, I tried to provide the most detailed list of capacitors containing platinum, palladium and silver, and also, based on data from various sites, indicate their cost and weight of metals in specific products.

KM capacitors.

First of all, I would like to clarify that the high cost of components at the points of purchase of radio components is justified not by the unique functions of capacitors, but by the presence of precious metals in them . Therefore, the price for each specific product will differ depending on the value of the precious metal at the time of sale .

The most demanded parts with platinum and palladium content among buyers are capacitors of the KM series .

KM capacitors are divided into two main types: palladium — KM H90 and platinum — KM H30.

Palladium KM H90


This type of product has a wide range of varieties and serial modifications . I don’t see much point in listing them all, I’ll highlight only the most expensive models .

Palladium-containing KM H90 , these are all capacitors where the prefix «H90 » is used as a marking . These can be products of the KM 5V «H90» series , KM 5 «H90» , KM 6V «H90» and so on.

Popular series and price of KM H90:

KM 6 H90 2M2 with date (red, convex) and KM 6 H90 (red, accepted by the general group) accept from 90,720.00 to 127,050.00 rubles

KM 5 V H90 (green, large, flat, flags) can be sold at a price of up to 113 thousand rubles per kilogram.

KM 6 V H90 (red,) and KM 5 H90 (green), are accepted mainly by the general group at a price of up to 100,580.00 rubles.

KM 5 H90 (blue) less expensive capacitors, accepted mainly by the general group up to 42,600.00 rubles.

I indicated the price for 1 kg of products obtained from open sources.

Platinum — KM H30


Regarding the H30 series, the most common capacitors in acceptance are modifications KM 5 H30 (green) KM 6 H30 (red) K10-28 H30 1MO (large) and K10-47 H30 .

On average, the cost of such products containing platinum and other precious metals varies from 30 to 65 thousand rubles per kilogram.

There are also more expensive versions with a diamond icon among them , but it is extremely difficult to find them today, since they were used mainly in military equipment .

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