How much gold is contained in capacitors and which ones are bought at 120,000 rubles per kg.

The fact that the design of capacitors and other radio engineering parts contains a very attractive amount of precious metals is probably known to everyone. However, there are not so many sources describing in detail where and in what quantity gold or platinum is found. In addition, there is practically no information on the Internet about the price at which […]

How much gold is in sim cards and where is it located.

It will not be a secret that gold is one of the best conductors of electricity. It does not lend itself to oxidation and has a fairly high resistance to aggressive acids. In addition, gold does not form oxides, is not destroyed by alkalis or acids, and is also one of the best conductors. In this regard, the use of […]

Samples, GOSTs and Alloys of the Soviet times.

It is a generally accepted fact that Soviet jewelry gold is more resistant to aggressive acids and external physical factors than its modern counterparts. Probably, few people will dare to argue with this, but let’s still try to figure out which Soviet metal alloys made the gold of those times better, more beautiful and more reliable. 1 Pure gold (999 […]

Why I don’t want a highly paid job in Russia.

Perhaps, for some of my readers, the reluctance to have a high-paying job may seem rather strange. After all, if we judge logically, then there should not be a priori reasons to refuse high wages. After all, it is not reasonable to refuse big money in favor of small ones . However , I ask you not to rush to […]

What parts of the motherboard contain gold.

You may have already heard that most of the components of your computer have elements in their design that are completely made or coated with such a precious metal as gold. There are even quite convincing legends on the Internet about how you can get rich by melting a computer into gold or extracting rare precious metals from motherboards and […]

I found scissors with the Royal test.

We often have to deal with products whose metal and shape attracts some special attention or interest. This time, one of these items, for me, turned out to be scissors for cutting, found in the country. Outwardly, they are no different from the usual vintage items for hairdressers, which can often be found at all kinds of flea markets or […]

We are falling into poverty.

Today there will be no talk of gold or investment in precious metals. There will be no vivid pictures illustrating poverty and devastation in our country. After all, the most honest picture that reflects the real situation is not on the Internet, it is outside your window. Today, I do not want to discuss the topic of precious metals that […]