How to identify fake gold from a photo on Avito.

How to identify fake gold from a photo on Avito.

Today on Avito and other online message boards there are many profitable offers for the sale of used jewelry.

Most of them are sold by the owners at very attractive prices, many of which are much lower than the market average.

Such cheapness suggests the idea, but is the seller trying to sell us some kind of jewelry or fake under the guise of gold?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to go to check each product they like, and in such a situation we have no choice but to try to identify a fake from a photograph.

We determine the fake from the photo.

First of all, it is worth emphasizing that it is extremely difficult to determine a high-quality gold fake even in a laboratory, what can we say about a photo.

Experienced scammers have learned to copy not only the external distinguishing features of gold, but also to falsify samples, factory stamps, and even a laser name.

However, there are several ways to identify a fake gold from a photograph, which, although they will not give a 100% guarantee of the originality of the material, will help you avoid buying obviously fake jewelry.

Signs of a fake.

We emphasize again: it is extremely difficult to determine a fake from a photograph, so you should not rely only on these results. In any case, even if the product completely suits you and meets the criteria for the “right” choice, you should definitely check it with a specialist or a pawnshop before buying it.


So. The first sign of a fake, which can be identified from a photograph, is the uneven, wavy coating of the product.

In the photo above, if you look closely, you can see a small shagreen on the surface of the entire decoration.

At the same time, the cross has a factory stamp and a test on the ring, which are quite clearly distinguishable even in the photo, but in many cases they are not a guarantee of the quality of the product.

This ring with a sample was soldered from another piece of jewelry, after which the product was covered with gold plating.

The first sign of a fake of such jewelry is an uneven coating of the metal (shagreen on the surface) and distinct traces of soldering at the place where the ring is attached .


Most often, fakes are found with samples of a foreign sample. Therefore, if a sample is visible in the photo, which you have not heard of before, then such decoration should be treated with higher attention and caution. But, it should be emphasized that not all «foreign» products are fake. Many of them are truly original.

The second sign of a fake gold is a foreign or incomprehensible sample, as well as its absence.


By external signs, especially when it comes to identifying fakes from a photo, it is impossible to determine the quality and composition of the metal.

However, if you ask the seller to make a short video with the test of the product with iodine, then you can at least get a general idea of ​​​​the composition of the metal used on the surface of the product.

To do this, apply a small point of iodine on a well-cleaned (preferably with a fine skin) surface, in that part of the product where this will not be noticeable when worn.

If the product is genuine, then after a few seconds (having previously wiped the place where iodine was applied with a napkin), it will be fashionable to observe a dark spot in the place where iodine was in contact with gold.

If iodine is removed from the jewelry without leaving any trace on it, then the product is not made of gold.


Another way to try to identify counterfeit gold from a photo is to ask the seller to make a small notch or deep scratch on the inside of the item.

Naturally, few people will agree to such a step, but it is definitely worth a try.

With the help of an inscription, it will be possible to determine what is hidden inside the product, under the golden shell. Quite often there you can find non-magnetic metal or other, cheaper alloys. An example is in the photo below.

Important to know before buying.

It is impossible to determine a fake from a photo; moreover, it is not always possible to identify it even in laboratory conditions.

The presence of a sample and a tag does not guarantee the content of the precious metal.

A cheap price for a product does not always mean a fake, but it should serve as a reason for a closer examination of the jewelry.

The easiest and most reliable way to distinguish gold from copper, for example, is to take the item to a pawnshop or a jewelry specialist.

Any gold jewelry must have a sample without fail!

Be careful when buying dubious goods and remember: you can reliably determine the identity of gold only in laboratory conditions, by the hands of an experienced specialist.

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