How much gold is contained in capacitors and which ones are bought at 120,000 rubles per kg.

How much gold is contained in capacitors and which ones are bought at 120,000 rubles per kg.

The fact that the design of capacitors and other radio engineering parts contains a very attractive amount of precious metals is probably known to everyone.

However, there are not so many sources describing in detail where and in what quantity gold or platinum is found. In addition, there is practically no information on the Internet about the price at which gold-containing radio components are accepted and whether it is possible to make money on them.

I tried to understand this issue and, having studied some sources, I made my own, small list of radio components and capacitors containing precious metals.

The content of precious metals in capacitors

First of all, it should be mentioned that the highest content of platinum, gold and silver is observed precisely in capacitors produced during the years of the existence of the Soviet Union.

More «younger» components of radio devices are deprived of the abundant presence of precious metals in their design and are practically not accepted at radio scrap reception points.

Due to the need to reduce the cost of production, as well as the introduction of modern technologies, the need to use noble metals in such devices is now significantly lower than it was before. Therefore, the gold content in modern radio components is rapidly approaching zero over time.

List of capacitors containing precious metals and their price at acceptance.

In addition to silver and gold, platinum and palladium are also often found in USSR capacitors.

According to information from open sources, KM green 5V capacitors (large) are purchased by various organizations at prices ranging from 80 to 120,000 per 1 kg.

The content of precious metals in them varies depending on the year of issue and factory series .

» K52-2 » (large) can be sold from 75.00 to 113 rubles. per piece, and its smaller counterpart up to 20.00 rubles.

Capacitors «K 22 5» also differ in the content of precious metals, and on average, 1 kg of such capacitors accounts for about 34 g of gold and 52 g of silver.

Red «KM H90 F» are accepted by buyers at a price of up to 80,000 rubles (in some cases up to 88,000 rubles) per kilogram. Unfortunately, I could not find the exact content of precious metals in these capacitors.

Of particular value among the receivers of these radio components are «KM» capacitors on which the «diamond» sign is depicted. This sign indicates that the product was made for military purposes. Such details contain more precious metals and silver than similar ones.


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List of interesting products containing precious metals

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