The most expensive ring on AliExpress for 149,000.0 rubles.

We often buy goods on foreign websites, especially those that offer us more affordable and favorable prices. Many of us even manage to earn money on it, or at least save quite good money. However, when purchasing a product at a price below the market , we risk being deceived by the seller and receiving a product whose quality does […]

The most popular gold fakes.

Copper debris inside the product. You may have already met women’s gold «beads» or similar products, the design of which uses spherical elements made of precious metals (an example is in the photo below). In most cases, such products are completely made of gold, but fakes are often found among them. A feature of fakes like a series of copies […]

How to check platinum for authenticity in radio components and jewelry.

Today, platinum is considered one of the most expensive precious metals, the most attractive both in terms of investment and in terms of long-term investments. In everyday life, this precious metal is most often found in jewelry, various types of catalysts and radio components. With the rise in platinum prices, interest in this truly unique metal has increased to the […]

The content of non-ferrous metals in network cables.

Today I decided to conduct a little experiment and find out for myself how much pure copper is in one meter of a network cable. The most common type of cables for the Internet was taken as the basis «KSSPV 2x2x0.52» . This wire with four copper cores is one of the most practical solutions for organizing communication systems in […]

How to identify fake gold from a photo on Avito.

Today on Avito and other online message boards there are many profitable offers for the sale of used jewelry. Most of them are sold by the owners at very attractive prices, many of which are much lower than the market average. Such cheapness suggests the idea, but is the seller trying to sell us some kind of jewelry or fake […]

The Jeweler’s Secret to Checking the Authenticity of Diamonds.

Probably, no one will argue with the fact that the price of real diamonds is very, very overpriced. The cost of one such product in a good cut can reach several thousand, and sometimes millions of dollars. The most expensive diamond in history was valued at $350,000,000, while its weight was only 9.1 grams, which is not much when compared […]

How Platinum is mined from old waste

Today, Platinum is one of the most demanded metals in terms of investments and long-term investments . Its cost is constantly growing , and increasing consumption volumes make the metal rise in price , regardless of the volume of production or other factors. Modern industry has been in a stage for quite a long time at which the consumption of […]

Who and why buys gold more expensive than others.

Before answering the question of who buys gold more expensive than others, you should understand what kind of gold is meant . As we know, most often gold is sold and bought in the form of bars, gold and bullion coins , as well as in the form of jewelry or ornaments. It is more profitable and wiser to sell […]

Radio components containing precious metals.

Today we will again touch on the topic of the content of precious metals in details from old radio technology and try to make the most complete list of receiving capacitors containing gold, palladium or platinum. As I said earlier, some components from old equipment can cost up to 120,000 rubles per kilogram . Most of them were widely used […]